What aspects should we pay attention to when choosing bar code label paper?


Barcode label paper refers to the self-adhesive label paper that can be printed and printed with barcode labels. It is very common in major supermarkets, so what should we pay attention to when choosing barcode label paper? Here is to introduce the matters needing attention when choosing barcode sticker label paper.

1. Barcode sticker label paper is generally pasted, which can be selected according to the surface material of the pasted items, such as glass, metal, cardboard and plastic. And plastics can be further divided into: polyvinyl chloride, high density polyethylene. Tests have shown that the different surface labels have a big impact on performance. Therefore, when choosing self-adhesive labels, we must decide what kind of material to choose according to the adhesive surface of our products.
2, according to the shape of the surface of the product, flat and curved, if the surface has a certain radian (such as a small diameter bottle surface) you may need a surface paper with good stickability or strong viscosity sticker label.
3. According to the environmental condition of the product, the environment and temperature will affect the stickiness of the sticker. Whether the sticker is used outdoors, under high temperature, damp or ultraviolet light, and whether it is close to the car engine with high temperature need to be considered.
4. Self-adhesive labels are divided into permanent adhesive and removable adhesive. It is difficult to remove permanently, but the adhesion performance is strong. The removable adhesive is easy to remove, but the adhesion performance is not as good as the permanent adhesive.
5. According to the selection of barcode printing software and printing equipment, the self-adhesive barcode label paper supported by both barcode printing software and printing equipment should be selected. For example, in Lang bar code printing software to support all types of adhesive bar code label paper.
6. The storage time of different barcode sticker label paper is different, and the cost is controlled according to the storage time of sticker label.
7, the size of the adhesive barcode label paper must confirm, large printing equipment does not support and wasteful, too small can't meet the demand, the small printing equipment or barcode printing software does not support (general professional barcode printing software, however, do not label size restrictions, such as the barcode printing software, there is no label size limit, can customize the Settings).
In summary, the above is the selection of self-adhesive barcode label paper when the need to pay attention to several aspects.