What is the role of PU glue protective film?


The PU protective film is a functional protective film made of transparent PET film as the substrate, coated with polyurethane glue on one side, and laminated on the back of the release film. It is mainly used for high-temperature process protection of LCD panels, and shipment protection of ITO and glass panels.
The Chinese name of PU protective film is polyurethane, which is a general term for macromolecular compounds containing repeating carbamate groups (NHCOO) on the main chain. It is formed by addition polymerization of organic diisocyanate or polyisocyanate and dihydroxy or polyhydroxy compound. In addition to urethane, polyurethane macromolecules can also contain ether, ester, urea, biuret, allophanate and other groups.

What is the role of PU glue protective film?

1. Surface protection of optical products;
2. Surface protection film for cell phone lenses, polarizers, LCD optical mirrors, LCD panel, touch screen process protection, temporary carrier after optoelectronic material molding;
3. Protection of display windows of electronic products such as mobile phones, PDAs, and tablet computers.

The advantages of PU glue protective film are:

1. The surface is flat and smooth, the exhaust performance is good, and the adsorption performance is good;
2. The adhesive layer has good chemical resistance, does not contain silicon components, and does not transfer silicon;
3. Good bonding performance, no residual glue at high temperature, stable viscosity;
4. Good weather resistance to general high temperature and humidity;
5. After peeling off, there is no residual glue, no trace, and no white fog;
6. High-transparent materials ensure high-definition picture quality;
7. Produced in the purification workshop, dust-free coating, high cleanliness, and excellent appearance performance.