Advantages and applications of PET ultra-thin double-sided tape


PET double-sided tape is generally made of plastic film or paper and other materials as the base material, and then the adhesive is evenly coated on the above-mentioned base material to form a roll-shaped adhesive tape. It is composed of a base material, a glue and a release film. Partial composition. It is a product that gradually grows with the development of electronic products, and it is also an indispensable auxiliary material in the production process of an electronic product.

PET ultra-thin double-sided tape

1. Features of PET ultra-thin double-sided tape
1. Ultra-thin double-sided tape is suitable for process applications pursued by more and more lightweight and thin products, and the thermal conductivity of functional material products will not be affected due to the thinning of the material.
2. Using PET release film, it is produced in a clean and dust-free workshop, will not cause pollution, and has a relatively high light transmittance.
3. Using high-performance acrylic adhesive, it has good bonding performance to various materials such as graphite, evening film, ultra-thin foam, and stainless steel heat sink.
4. Due to the dielectric properties of PET, it can also be designed with edging film during die cutting to achieve the insulation of functional products.

2. Application of PET ultra-thin double-sided tape

1. Graphite, absorbing materials, latex and other adhesives with low heat resistance applications;
2. Insulation application of metal film coating;
3. Adhesive application of adhesives for foam and other materials;
4. Fixation of the internal structure of the electronic components;
5. Fix micro parts, films or metal foils in electronic equipment;
6. Bond the graphite film to the back shell or chip of the mobile phone.